Companies Who Transport Oil

 Who owns oil tankers, pipelines, and trucks? The majority of the these our owned either by major oil companies or the country the oil is being transported to or from. Although, the vast majority of oil tankers are actually registered with countries that do not import or export much oil, such as the Bahamas and Luxembourg. While the majority of transportations our owned by the big oil companies and countries, there are private companies that do shipping of oil. Technip, SSS Shipping and Noordhoek are examples of companies that transport oil. SSS is an independent company whose activities are dedicated to maritime transportation of Breakbulk; Project Cargo; Heavylift and Oversized units. Technip is a world leader in engineering, technologies and project management for the oil and gas industry. Technip operates in three segments of the world oil and gas market: Subsea, Offshore and Onshore. Noordhoek was founded in 1933 as a shipping company. Since the very beginning of the giant Delta project in the Netherlands in 1959 Noordhoek changed work activities and started as an underwater contractor (Your Industry News).   


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